We are dedicated to satisfying our clients’ requirement by providing one-stop services to the Property Owner Clients at minimal possible cost, whilst maintaining a premium-quality services and maximum efficiency. With customer-oriented devotion embedded in our vision and mission, we act as client’s representative to engage architects, consultants and contractors to work as a team to produce dream home for our clients. The following are our roles in various process of the development.




Anly will initiate and work together with the QS (Quantity Surveyor) for the tender process. We progressively select and invite 3-5 of each trade of design consultants and contractors to tender for the project accordingly to the progress of the project works. We will then evaluate / assess tender results, negotiate with relevant companies, and put up recommendation to our client for final confirmation and signing contract with awarded company.




A coordinated approach to all the activities is the key for a project to be successful. Anly will plan and have regular site inspections as well as meetings with the project team to monitor and proactively manage the works to ensure that safety, quality, time, cost and sustainability parameters are well maintained throughout the process. We anticipate requirements and ensure actions are taken in good time to meet project objectives.

At concept design stage, before tender stage and after contractor’s tender submission, Anly will coordinate with consultants and QS, to review the project cost with the client so that the budget can be adjusted if necessary by altering the design and/or material. Upon verification by QS, we will also assist the client to review and approve the contractors’ and consultants’ monthly progress claim for the client to effect payment.




Anly will work with project team and Authorities for TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) and CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completion) process. Once TOP obtained, owner will be able to occupy the new home. Contractor has one year DLP (Defect Liability Period) obligation to clear any defects that may occur to the building. We will coordinate with consultants to assist owner to put up defects list and ensure the contractor clear it effectively.